Progressive FAQ's
Q: Why Choose Progressive for your Motorcycle Insurance?
A: Progressive is America's # 1 insurer!!

Specialized Coverage's are available such as:

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE COVERAGE- provides towing to the nearest qualified repair facility. This service is "Sign and Drive", meaning there are no out of pocket expenses; all you have to do is sign the receipt and be on your way!

TRIP INTERRUPTION COVERAGE (Roadside Assistance Req) - If you are more than 100 miles from your principal residence, this coverage provides up to $100 daily for lodging, $50 for alternate transportation and $50 for food while your motorcycle is being repaired. Subject to a maximum of $500 per occurrence.

TRANSPORT TRAILER PHYSICAL DAMAGE COVERAGE - Provides up to $10,000 worth of coverage for a non-motorized trailer designed to be towed on public roads and designed principally for transporting your motorcycle. At least one motorcycle has to have Collision and Comprehensive coverage.

RENTAL VEHICLE COVERAGE - Rental vehicle coverage is automatically included with your policy for no extra charge. Whenever you receive a "loaner" motorcycle from a repair facility or dealership or rent a motorcycle, all of your coverages from your policy will transfer to the rental or loaner motorcycle.

TOTAL LOSS COVERAGE - If your newer motorcycle is declared a total loss while this coverage is in effect, Progressive will pay the MSRP of a curent model year motorcycle of the same make and model. Protects new and used bikes for only about $25.00 per year.
Q: Why do I need Accessory Coverage?
A: It's not just a motorcycle anymore. It's your dream bike and it doesn't look anything like what you bought at the dealership.

Custom paint. Chrome billet wheels. Double-walled drag pipes. Nice!

Bikes like yours often have lots of additional parts and accessories. Believe us, we understand your passion. We ride too!

Progressive includes accessory coverage for the first $3,000 for no extra charge when Physical Damage coverage is purchased. Additional coverage up to $30,000 can be purchased.

Progressive settles accessory coverage dollar for dollar, meaning your accessories never depreciate in the event of a loss.

Make your life easier. Please keep your receipts and an itemized list. Take photos. It is incumbent upon you to prove the value of your accessories at the time of loss.